Chrome nail art ideas to try


Chrome nail art ideas to try

Chrome nail art ideas to try

Stuck at a salon and not sure what kind of nail art to try? We have the perfect solution that looks good whether it’s winter or summer!

Chrome nail art, although has not been around for too long, has taken over the nail art industry! Pearl nails look delicate and beautiful while a mirror shine on your nails can look bold and daring.

With OPI’s newest chrome effects intro kit, you can have everything you need to create the look either by yourself, or with your favorite nail tech!

Here’s a nice list of a few ideas to try next time you get stuck!

1) A small stripe can create a very soft and delicate look while giving an extra oomph to your nail look! (Bronzed By The Sun)

Chrome nail art ideas to try-1

2) Bold colors can be great for the night life! You’re very likely to stand out with purple chrome nails (Amethyst Made The Short List)

Chrome nail art ideas to try-2

3) Summer is just around the corner, so try a blue/green look to kick start the nail trends of 2019 (Blue Plate Special)

Chrome nail art ideas to try-3

We know you may not have time to head on over to your local nail salon, so here’s a how-to video that we’ll drop here for you in case you’d like to try these at home

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