OPI Absolute Acrylic System

OPI Absolute Acrylic System

OPI Absolute Acrylic System

Today we’re talking all things acrylic. Read on to find out answers to common questions of OPI Absolute Acrylic System around OPI acrylic nails and pro tips to keep in mind when your clients ask for their next fill or full set.

What are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylics are a type of nail enhancement where liquid monomer and polymer powder is combined to create a slurry. That slurry is then applied to the nail and within seconds cures to a hard finish to provide durability and if desired, added nail length.

What is Absolute Acrylic?

The Absolute Acrylic system is an acrylic-based system formulated to provide greater ease of use and lift-free results. It also has improved consistency and slightly less odor, making it ideal for nail salon environments and professional nail technicians.

OPI Absolute Acrylic System


Benefits :

What are the benefits of acrylic nails and the OPI Absolute Acrylic system?

Comparably, acrylic nails are porous enhancements, which means they can be soaked off when it comes to removal. Gels vs. Acrylics: what’s the difference? Acrylics differ from other hard gel-based and acrygel services where enhancements cannot be removed by soaking and are more permanent-type enhancements. Acrylic nails typically last between 2-3 weeks and can be ‘filled’ to help accommodate growth of the natural nail. Additionally, acrylics are one of the hardest of all enhancement types, meaning professional nail technicians can create long-length nail extensions and fun shapes, like coffin, stiletto, etc. And there’s no need to light cure! So it’s traditionally faster to apply than other enhancement types. Lastly, acrylics are an incredibly versatile system — use it to fix broken nails, and even get creative with more advanced enhancements like 3D nail art. The possibilities are pretty endless.


OPI Absolute Acrylic System


Application :

How are acrylic nails applied?

As previously mentioned, acrylic nails are formed by achieving a mixing ratio (liquid to powder) and typically are formed using a nail tip or a nail form to allow for added length. One of the most common services for acrylic nail application is with a pink and white overlay, Absolute Acrylic system vs. Clarite Acrylic system: The main difference between the Absolute Acrylic system and the Clarite Acrylic System are the liquid to monomer ratios. While Absolute uses a 2:1 ratio, Clarite works with a 1:1 ratio. The Clarite Acrylic System is also an odor and tack-free system, making it ideal for spa environments and easier for nail technicians to utilize FreeForms to sculpt enhancements.


OPI Absolute Acrylic System



How are acrylic nails removed?

Proper removal of an acrylic service is key to avoiding damage to nails, start by using a QuickCut Nail Tip Trimmer to remove any extension, use an E-File to thin down the enhancement, saturate an Expert Touch Removal Wrap with Artificial Nail Remover and wrap each finger


OPI Absolute Acrylic System



Allow to soak for approximately 20 minutes, once ready to remove, twist gently to remove the wrap. The acrylic will be gummy and should roll off when using a nail file to remove. If necessary, re-wrap each finger and check every 5 minutes to fully remove.


OPI Absolute Acrylic System



Alternatively Artificial Nail Remover can be poured into a glass container and nails soaked in the solution to remove rather than wrapping nails individually.


OPI Absolute Acrylic System


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