Talc / Nick Relief

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Johnny B Barber Talc 7oz


Made with the finest minerals, this talc adds comfort after cuts – especially on the neck area. It soaks excess moisture and helps with nicks and blemishes – great for combatting skin chafing.


  • Light citrus scent
  • Twistable closure
NOTE: Johnny B Products cannot be sold or shipped out of florida state.

Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc


Helps to hide nicks and blemishes “Prevents moisture and perspiration “Pleasantly scented““After every shower, bath or swim, shake on this pure white neutral scented talc. Clubman Pinaud micro-pulverizing process makes this Talc super soft-extra smooth and soothing. “ ““Clubman Pinaud Talc actually forms a refreshingly dry shield against humidity- helps prevent chafing and irritation. Has the extra protection of a dry deodorant that has been proven effective against perspiration odor. “ ““Helps to hide nicks and blemishes. Keeps you dry and prevents moisture and perspiration. Will not stain apparel.available in a 9oz

King Talc Talcum Soothing Cooling Scented Powder


Provides cold and fast comfort, absorbs moisture and leaves skin silky smooth, light and pleasant““Product Features“•Formulated with natural talc for soothing tender skin “•Use for neck dusting to provide fast, cool comfort “•May be applied to skin after spa treatment to absorb moisture and leave the skin smooth and silky “•Powder is lightly scented “Suggested Use“•Use in waxing spa, hair salons and barbershops “•May be used for hospitals patients with sensitive skin. “Available in a 9oz.