Carts and Trolleys

  • Baylor Beauty Trolley



    27.00 LBS

    The Baylor Spa Salon Trolley is a wonderful option for salon use. Its mounted on four castors for easy mobility and is great for storing towels or accessories. This spa salon…

  • Weet 3 Tier Glass Trolley

    Item#-USA-1041.The Weet trolley is accessible from either side and can be used by two therapists at the same time in a dual room set-up. Has a sleek look and…

  • Abel + Trolley

    Item#-USA-1040A.The Abel + is a simple and convenient trolley comes with a locking drawer and two large translucent glass shelves for instruments.please note,all shipping charge are extra.these charges will…

  • Abel Trolley

    Item#-USA-1040.The Abel is a simple yet practical design. It is equipped with three roomy translucent glass shelves to place equipment. Perfect for any environment.please note,all shipping charge are extra.these…

  • Dual Trolley

    Item#-USA-1031.The Dual is a patented product that has four shelves and also has a convenient laundry hamper on the side. It has two handles to facilitate easy movement. Three…

  • Dante Trolley

    Item#-USA-1019A.The Dante is a three shelf trolley with acrylic shelves. The top shelf is lockable for convenient storage. Great for displaying your equipment and for protection.please note,all shipping charge…

  • Dante + Trolley

    Item#-USA-1019.The Dante + is a two shelf trolley with acrylic shelves. There are two locking drawers, great for multiple professionals working in the same proximity.please note,all shipping charge are…

  • Arcus Cart

    Item# USA-1013.The Arcus is a three shelf beauty trolley with tempered glass shelves. It has a push handle to facilitate easy movement.please note,all shipping charge are extra.these charges will…

  • Manicure Spa Stand

    Item #198. Convert the Amber Spa into a mobile unit for convenient use next to table or chair. Adjustable height from 27" to 31" high, base dimensions 21 W…

  • All Purpose & Depilatory Cart (large)

    Item #SS920. The All-Purpose Cart combines elegant design, quality craftsmanship with efficient functionality creating a professional, organized treatment room. “Stainless top provides a very sturdy, easy to clean surface…

  • Stainless Steel Cart

    Model MB-TD(#4018).Supply drawer provides convenient storage for clinic sundries. 30" H x 19" W x 17" D 76 cm H x 48 cm W x 43 cm D please…

  • Stainless Steel Cart

    Model MB-T(#4004). 30" H x 19" W x 17" D 76 cm H x 48 cm W x 43 cm D. please note,shipping charges are extra.this will not appear…


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