Combination High Frequency / Rotary Brush Machine

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Brush Unit and High Frequency


Model: SDS704“The Brush Unit and High Frequency unit combines the exfoliating and cleansing methods of a brush machine with the high frequency unit ideal for applying gels and cleansers deep into skin for a more effective facial. The facial cells and muscles will be stimulated leaving the client’s face feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A brush unit and high frequency machine facial will thoroughly remove dead skin cells and leave the skin glowing, soft, healthy and fresh. The Brush Unit and High Frequency machine is easy to wipe down, light enough to carry and small enough to store discreetly on a shelf. please note,all shipping charges are additional to the freight amount“that appears in shopping cart when checking out and will only show up“on your invoice from us.this will not appear on your internet order.