GiGi Wax

  • GiGi All Purpose CBD Wax 13oz

    CBD, derived from Hemp, is known to help calm, soothe, and hydrate skin. This wax utilizes its blend of soothing ingredients and potent plant actives to help reduce irritation…

  • GiGi Milk Chocolate Creme Wax 14oz

    GiGi Milk Chocolate Creme Wax is formulated with Cocoa Seed Extract which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. The luscious chocolate aroma creates an aromatic waxing experience. Perfect for removing…

  • GiGi Coconut Honee Flex Wax 13oz

    Great for full body waxing without stopping in between applications to remove hardened wax.

    • Wax goes on thin for less product waste

    • Flexible

    • No Pre Epilation Oil needed.

    • Stays…

  • GiGi Dark Honee Wax 14oz

    Removes all unwanted hair effectively and instantly
    Effective removal of coarse curly hair
    Long-term hair removal

    The GiGi Dark Honee Wax formula was developed to meet the increasing demand for an effective…

  • GiGi Antiseptic Lotion/Post Epilation

    8oz or 16oz-contains naturally enriched conditioners.moisturizes skin removes excess wax and refines pores.leaves skin feeling softer silkier.

  • GiGi After Wax Skin Concealer / Post Wax Concealer

    Conceal redness and protect your client’s skin with GiGi After Wax Skin Concealer. Formulated with Allantoin and creamy emollients, it calms and soothes skin while covering redness. Now you…

  • GiGi Wax Off

    Wax remover for the skin. Wax off is the perfect finishing touch for professional depilatory services. This rich thick cream soothes the skin as it removes every bit of…

  • GiGi Sure Clean 16oz

    Sure clean is the no-rinse cleaner that keeps your wax warmer free of residue and ready to use.For best results and professional appearance use daily.

  • GiGi No Sting Wax 14oz

    Ultra gentle for delicate skin.This groundbreaking wax is the first of its kind to offer long-lasting hair removal,free from pain & discomfort.Key ingredients such as Kava Kava help to…

  • GiGi No Bump 4oz

    Prevents ingrown hair and bumps caused by waxing and shaving.

  • GiGi Expresso All Purpose Honee Wax 14oz

    Coffee extract acts as potent antioxidant which guards skin against free radicals
    Aromatic scents invigorates the senses
    Removes unwanted hair effectively
    Contains anti-aging properties
    Smells delicious

    Gigi introduces an addition to their great line…

  • GiGi Creme Wax 14oz

    a smoothe creme formula recommended for sensitive skin types.conditions the skin when applied and leaves the skin silky.creme wax melts at medium temperatures.


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