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Gummy After Shave Cologne Xfinity 700ml


Refreshing after shave cologne. It keeps fresh and energy with its long lasting parfum.

Gummy Hair Gel Maximum Hold – 700ml


Considered a go-to product among barbers, Gummy promises an ‘extreme hold’, and flake-free experience and the perfect fragrance to accentuate the experience.

Contains Vitamin B5 and Castor Oil.


This product is a perfect take-home item to add to your retail counter.

Gummy Hair Spray 13.5oz


Ultra firm holds hairspray with a quick drying effect.Its micro-fine spray enables even distribution. Maximum Hold & Extreme Look.

PLEASE NOTE-All Hairspray cans are limited to 6 maximum  per order. Whether its the same item or mixed products throughout the order. If you exceed 6 cans of this of the same item or mixed products per order, then the order will ship based upon weight of shipment and will have additional shipping charges that will not show up on your internet order but will be additional to your order and appear on your invoice received from us. This will over ride our flat rate charge as well as our free shipping policy over 99.00 and up.

Gummy Keratin Hair Gel – 700ml


Gummy Hair Gel Maximum Hold & Extreme Look Keratin Care 700ml

Alcohol-free maximum hold fixing gel for creating extreme hairstyles and structured shapes.
Cares your hair thanks to its keratin content when styling your hair.
Provides natural expressions with a healthy and alive look.

How To Use: Apply by hand to damp hair, shaping with fingers to make the desired look.

Gummy Shave Gel – Menthol


Gummy Shave Gel provides comfortable and easy shaving for your beard with its specially designed formulation. It minimizes resistance shown by the beard. Razor blade glides smoothly on the skin.

RESULT: Extra comfortable and smooth shave.

APPLICATION: Take some gel in your palm and apply the gel to your face softly.Wash plenty of water after the shave finishes.