• Dy-Zoff Hair Color Stain Remover Pads (80)

    Dy-Zoff Pads deliver premium hair color stain removal on a pre-saturated, soft cotton pad.
    Designed for the stylist who likes to use a thicker applicator that is single-use.
    Without rubbing, the Dy-Zoff…

  • Dy-Zoff Wipes (50 Wipes) in Jar

    Dy-Zoff  Wipes (50 Wipes) in Jar

    Drip-free wipes, pre-saturated with dy-zoff lotion, offer unsurpassed convenience and effectiveness – offered in attractive counter ready dispenser. FeaturesWater-based, ammonia-free dy-zoff formula instantly whisks away…

  • Dy-Zoff Lotion 12oz

    Dy-Zoff Lotion 12oz

    Saturate cotton or towel and apply lightly over stained skin areas. Wipe off with clean, wet towel or cotton. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

    Ingredients: Water, Sodium Sulfite, Isopropanol,…

  • Roux Clean Touch 12oz

    The final touch for every haircolor application! Roux Clean Touch Haircolor Stain Remover assists in removing haircolor stains from clothes. Also removes color from skin and excess color build-up on…


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