• Weighted Cutting Collar

    Weighted Cutting Collar

    The perfect tool to learn how to cut precise angles and lines. Features easy-to-follow guidelines for practicing different cutting angles and weighted pads that drape over each shoulder…

  • Ship-Shape Comb & Brush Cleaner – 2lbs

    Cleans brushes and combs in minutes
    Prolongs the life of combs and brushes

    King Research Ship-Shape Comb and Brush Cleaner is a multi-purpose powered cleaner that quickly dissolves product build-up and is…

  • Protector Hood

    Item#138EX.Washable nylon chiffon with zipper closure“Keeps over-the-head garments safe from make-up“Protects hair and makeup while you dress

    Original price was: $3.25.Current price is: $2.92.
  • Highlighting Needle


    Original price was: $2.25.Current price is: $2.02.
  • Colortrak 60 Minute Wind Up Timer

    Wind Up Timer is ideal for timing chemical services. Sets from 1 to 60 minutes. Accurate mechanism. Easy to operate and stands up easily on counter. Time all your services…

    Original price was: $6.75.Current price is: $6.07.
  • Shampoo Brush

    * Color: Rust * All Rubber with knob to hold brush by

    Original price was: $1.99.Current price is: $1.79.
  • Pro-Line Oil Sheen Spray 11oz

    Pro-Line Oil Sheen

    Moisturizes without build up. Gives instant wet look. Shines.

    Enriched with aloe extracts For frizzy or unruly hair Smoothes and tames hair cuticle and hair shaft Moisturizes and detangles…

    Original price was: $5.75.Current price is: $5.17.

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