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Professional Jumbo Foot Rasp


This tool was specially designed to make the process of removing dry skin and calluses from the foot and heel a breeze.“To Use-There is no need to pre-soak feet prior to using this tool.It has been developed to be used on dry skin.“Align the tool with the blade side to the area that is to be worked on.Gently pass the tool back and forth on the area, slowly apply more pressure unitil the callus or dry skin is removed.Never use this tool in a side to side motion,only in a up and down motion.“To Clean-Rinse it under warm running water.Make sure to rinse away the debris or particles left on the blade.Place the tool in a container of sterilizing solution and soak for a minimum of 15 minutes.Remove tool and rinse away all the sterilizing solution and any debris on tool.Allow to dry.