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Harmony Perfetto Nail Tips – White – 500ct

100% virgin ABS plastic for maximum durability and longevity. Will not crack and split during wear. Will fit most nail shapes. Pre Buffed surface means no shine removal for ProHesion Liquid and Powder applications needed. Must be buffed with a 180 grit file for Gelish Hard Gel applications. No well area to give you the option to blend or not to blend depending on the situation, and eliminates color variation. Deep C-Curve the full length of the tip to give you a dramatic look no matter what length.

Star Nail – Vamp Nail Tips – Box 360

Stiletto tips have no groove for glue, place stiletto tips straight to the tip of the nail. Tips can be cut shorter or filed. Professional quality.
Includes white, clear and natural tips in box.

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Exquisite Nail Systems Exquisation Nail Tips – 500


Comes with 500 assorted nail tips, sizes 1-10 50 of a size. Made of ABS plastic.

NOTE-empty tip boxes are not provided, just tips.