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Galvanic Machine


Model: SDSML-106“This galvanic spa machine is the perfect addition to any spa and salon service offerings because of its amazing ability to moisturize and soften skin. This machine emits a low-level electric current which gently massages skin with pulses of a specialized gel which eliminates impurities, stimulates blood flow to the area and resuscitates stressed skin. The galvanic machine can be used on different areas of the body including the face, scalp and areas of cellulite such as thighs and more. When used on the scalp the galvanic spa machine increases blood circulation which stimulates hair growth. Other popular areas for galvanic use include the face to minimize wrinkles and arms and thighs to reduce cellulite.please note,all shipping charges are additional to the freight amount“that appears in shopping cart when checking out and will only show up“on your invoice from us.this will not appear on your internet order.