Facial Toner

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Endear Clarifying Lotion 20.2oz


Acne, oily skin
This smoothing toner whisks away flakes and refines pores to reveal a clearer complexion. Contains astringents, dermal purifiers and balancing agents that are gentle to the skin and do not irritate sensitive areas of the face.


Rose Water, Witch Hazel Distillate, Denatured Alcohol, Propolis


Balancing Toner


available in 6oz.ingredients-deionized water,witch hazel extract,imidazolidinyl urea quaternium-15,nonoxynol-10,rose oil,gentian extract,sodium benzoate.““Natural rosewater toner for normal/combination skin.A mild toner based on rosewater and witch hazel. The french rosewater soothes and refreshes while the witch hazel tones and tightens.