• Sedona Mud Blend – Gallon

    Item# ESH128. A reddish-brown clay from the Southwest, Sedona clay is rich in iron and ideal for drawing out impurities to detoxify without dehydrating. It’s also good for improving circulation….

  • Moor Mud – 11 lb

    Item# SP314.
    Comprised of 100+ Herbal, Plant, & Flower Species
    Formed 30,000 years ago by the slow decomposition of organic and plant substances, these rare black silts contain 40% humic acid and…

  • Dead Sea Body Mud – 9.9Lb

    Our Dead Sea Mud is a rare blend of natural salts and minerals. It contains calcium chloride to balance, iron to strengthen, and sulfates to beautify the skin. This luxurious…

  • Body Mud Blend – Gallon

    ITEM ESH133
    Boost skin hydration with the Spa Pantry Body Mud Blend. This rich seaweed paste contains essential oils and botanical extracts, perfect for body masks and wraps. Greenish gray. 128…


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