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Depileve Deluxe Wax Warmer



This thermostat controlled warmer features adjustable heat settings, separate on/off switch, circular heating for faster wax meltdown, and a break resistant plastic lid.

14 oz. size.

Purpose and Benefits

Thermostat controlled warmer.
– Features adjustable heat settings, separate on/off switch, circular heating for faster wax meltdown

Depimiel Non Woven Pellon Body Wax Strips 3 x 9 – 100 pk


Non-Woven Body Waxing Strips are pre-cut, highly resistant, durable paper especially developed for hair removal that helps speed up the waxing process allowing for a less painful and more comfortable experience.

  • Ideal for At Home Waxing or Professional Waxing Use.
  • Developed specifically for hair removal
  • Non-Woven
  • Contents 100 Strips
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 9 inch / 7×23 cm

DUKAL Reflections Non Woven Waxing Strips 3 x 9 -100 Pack


Item# 900714

  • Made from non-woven, high-quality material and leave no residue
  • Material does not stretch or tear, ensuring a precise and clean waxing service
  • Can be used with all depilatory systems
  • Precut strips are ideal for waxing legs and bikini area

Rayson Spa Necessities Thongs – White – 12 pak


Available in white only and by the dozen. Picture is in black for representation only.

Satin Smooth Remove It Surface Cleaner 16oz


Formulated to dissolve sticky wax residue on countertops, tiles, wood floors, salon and spa furniture, linen sheets, clothing, carpet, vinyl upholstery
Mild citrus scent
Non-toxic ingredient suitable for everyday cleaning; keep your area clean and germ-free
Remove It Depilatory Wax Cleaner is ideal for cleaning wax buildup on any Satin Smooth® Wax Warmer. Its citrus formula quickly dissolves tough wax buildup

DEPIMIEL Soft Waxing Roll-On System Warmer


Roll-On Wax Warmer is a fast and efficient wax heating method developed specially for those who want safety and convenience without compromising beauty.

With its unique temperature control, the Waxing Roll-On Warmer reaches the optimum temperature for hair removal (Max. 149 °F/ 65 °C) making it more tolerable to the touch and doesn’t burn the skin. Our Roll-On Warmer automatically stops heating the wax once its reached it ideal temperature

DEPIMIEL WARMER For Waxing Roll-On System

  • Heats Fast
  • Automatic Temperature control that stops heating the wax once it reach the ideal temperature
  • Specially designed for Ultra Low Depimiel Waxing Roll-Ons
  • Warmer has a unique feature where it reaches a max of 149 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimum temperature for the hair removal process. It doesn’t burn the skin and its tolerable to the touch.
  • 120 volts
  • 1 Year Warranty

 Warmer Roll-On Instructions of Use: