Wax Warmers and Collars

  • Depileve Deluxe Wax Warmer

    This thermostat controlled warmer features adjustable heat settings, separate on/off switch, circular heating for faster wax meltdown, and a break resistant plastic lid.

    14 oz. size.
    Purpose and Benefits
    Thermostat controlled warmer.

  • Stainless Large Capacity Wax Heater


    Sleek design with clean lines, this heater allows for large volume waxing services. Heater holds twelve pounds of wax. Heating compartment controlled by adjustable thermostat.


  • Amber MD Wax Heater Only

    Item #: MD-425.Heats two tubes of AmberMD wax and conveniently houses all components including Pre-Wax Spray and After Wax Quench. The heating compartments are thermostatically controlled and are easily…

  • Amber Triple Wax Heater

    Item #: E-100. Mix and match waxes to do both face and body with one unit. Includes two 14 oz. compartments and one 32 oz. compartment, each with own…

  • Amber Double Wax Heater

    Item #E-173. Practical, sleek, and portable.This unit has two 14oz. capacity heating compartments allowing you to mix and match waxes for multiple treatments – heat hard wax, soft wax,…

  • Stainless Steel Three Bay Hard Wax Warmer

    Item #SS917. Beautiful design and simplicity! Three bays heat several hard waxes at once. Effective for treating multiple skin types. Lightweight with sturdy housing and stainless top. Warmer is…

  • Stainless Steel Triple Wax Heater

    Sleek design with clean lines, this heater allows for multiple wax use for high volume waxing. Two 14oz. and one 32oz. capacity compartments use separate adjustable thermostats. 18.25″W x…

  • Stainless Steel Supreme Wax Heater

    Heavy gauge aluminum tank, stainless top and durable housing combine to create a sturdy heater designed to maintain large volumes of wax at desired working temperature. 32 oz. capacity;…

  • Stainless Steel Depilitory Wax Heater

    Sturdy, compact design with easy to clean stainless top. Wax can drops into 14 oz. capacity heating chamber that maintains consistent wax temperature. Adjustable thermostat regulates temperature. Dimensions: 6.125″W…

  • Amber Adjustable Temperature Wax Heater

    Item #E-104.14 oz. capacity heating unit for maintaining depilatory waxes at proper temperatures. Has an adjustable thermostat for using different waxes. The Depilatory Heater is portable and comes with…

  • Amber Supreme Wax Heater

    Item# E-102. The supreme depilitory heater is equipped with adjustable temperature control. In addition to the “easy to care of”heavy gage aluminum tank and durable housing,the heater control allows…


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