Body Chamois


available in smooth or textured.



Easy Dry Body Chamois

This is a great, super absorbant towel for many uses. Super absorbent and generous sizing of 26″ x 17″ It is large enough to dry you and all your equipment. It can even be cut in half to make two towels the size of most competing body towels. Synthetic chamois Camera and Body Towel comes in easy to find yellow color.
It absorbs much better than a cotton towel and leaves no lint. Moisten before use in fresh water, wring out excess water, and then the Body Towel is ready to use. Super soft material, machine washable, and long lasting. Stay dry with this super absorbant Chamois towel.
  • Leave your large towel at home
  • All you need is this small body chamois that is easy to store
  • Ultra absorbent body towel removes water and perspiration
  • Immediately reusable after wringing
  • DIMENSIONS: 17″ x 27″

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