Cuccio Colour PUG-GET Aboit It 1310



Cuccio Colour PUG-GET Aboit It 1310

Our Nail Polishes do not have these Chemicals called “The Toxic Trio” 1) FORMALDEHYDE a harmful chemical, reacts with the keratin protein present in nail and make them brittle and yellow 2) DBP- This chemical has been linked to reproductive issues and its use is banned in Europe 3) TOLUENE- its use has been linked to issues affecting the nervous system. It’s been linked to birth defects and developmental problems in children whose mothers were exposed to the chemical during pregnancy.Even after Prolonged usage of this Nail Polish, the Nail remains healthy & does not cause “BRITTLENESS” or “YELLOWING” of the Nail. This is a Professional Nail Paint with Triple Pigment Technology – A technology that offers true colour coverage in just 2 thin coats. Provides a Mirror Finish.This Polish has a “Non Chip Formulation” to prevent Nail Polish Chipping & offers extended wear & It Lasts twice more than a normal Nail Polishes & during the application of the nail polish, it Self levels hides all nail imperfections – like ridges & lines on the nails & gives a clean look.For Best Results use with our Base Coat & 7 Second Reactive Top Coat with this polish.

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