Erica Rounded Cuticle Diamond Bit -Fine(Red)



Erica Rounded Cuticle Diamond Bit -Fine(Red)

Makartt Acrylic Nail Clippers

Designed with a protective plastic cap , preventing nails popping everywhere after nail cutting;

The cutting blade is removable for resharpening, which makes this nail edge cutting tool more durable.

Ways to remove and sharpen the blade:

1:Unscrew the screw

2: Pull out the little plastic component

3: Press the handle, and the blade will come out

4: Remove the blade

5: File and sharpen it

6: Install the balde back and you get a new sharp false nails cutter.

Warm Tips:

To perfect your nail art, except using this nail edge cutter, some other filing and shaping is also neccessary.

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