Finger Cots – 144 Pack

PSJ Finger Cot Latex Anti-static Finger Covers Finger Tip Rubber Protect Keeping Dressing Dry and Clean • Tips: PSJ is a registered trademark of JSM Enterprises. Please confirm before you buy, other sellers sell without our authorization is fake products. • These Finger Cots are just right for covering a dressing to keep it clean and dry. • Much better than a finger stall. • Put the cots on when moisturizing fingers and nails, and then the effect is better. • The cots are useful to prevent unexpected spotting on sewing • Best value: Apply to the point of money, anti-skid and anti-hand dirty; Take CD-ROM electronic products, anti-fingerprint; Writing with chalk to protect your fingers from sticky dust; Beauty & Nail art-Protect your fingers from damage. • Use:1.We suggest you don’t wear too long time, if the fingertips feel discomfort, immediately removed, and the fingers raised, slowly will be restored as before.2.When removed: Roll to take from top to bottom, easy to pick off.

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