Loreal Excellence Cream


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Lightest Natural Blonde 10, Natural Black 3, Dark Brown 4, Dk Coppery Brn 4.4, Dark Brown(gray hair) 4x, Med Brown 5, Med Ash Brown 5.1, Med Gold Brown 5.3, Med Mahogany Brown 5.5X, Med Auburn Brown 5.6X, Med Brown(gray hair) 5X, Light Brown 6, Light Ash Brown 6.1, Lightest Golden Brown 6.1/2.3, Light Golden Brown 6.3, Light Golden Brown 6.3X, Light Red Copper Brn 6.54, Light Mahogany Brown 6.5X, Light Auburn 6.6, Light Auburn Brown 6.6X, Light Brown(gray hair) 6X, Dark Blonde 7, Dark Ash Blonde 7.1, Dk Copper Golden Blonde 7.43, Dark Blonde(gray hair) 7X, Med Blonde 8, Med Ash Blonde 8.1, Soft Ash Blonde 8.1/2.1, Soft Golden Blonde 8.1/2.3, Med Golden Blonde 8.3, Med Coppery Blonde 8.4, Med Copper Golden Blonde 8.43, Med Blonde(gray hair) 8X, Light Blonde 9, Light Ash Blonde 9.1, Extra Light Blonde 9.1/2, Xtra Lt Ash Blonde9.1/2.1, Xtra Lt Beige Blonde 9.1/2.13, Extra Light Reddish Blon9.1/2.34, Light Golden Blonde 9.3, Hi-Lift Beige Blonde B2, Hi-Lift Ivory Blonde B3, Dark Red Brown BR1, Dark Burgundy Brown BR2, Med Red Brown BR4, Lt Auburn Brown BR5, Lt Beige Brown BR6, Copper Auburn R1, Auburn Red R2, Dark Copper Red R3

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