Nuagea Salon Table with Cuvae Cabinetry


Key Features:“• Synchronized Electra-Glide Lift Actuators“• Fully articulating electric salon top with rounded corners“• Programmable hand and foot controls“• Strata 4″ Memory Foam Cushioning System“• Naturasoft Upholstery in 16 color options“• Cross braced steel frame“• Cuvée Cabinetry“• PowerPort™ power management system“• Salon Style Neck Roll““Optional Features:“• Ultraleather® Promessa upholstery “• Custom Wood Stains & Vinyls“• Caress or Flex-Rest Face Cradles“• Armrest Shelf“• SO Sound Acoustic Resonance Therapy“• International Voltages“• FSC Certified Maple““Specifications:“• Width Options 30″ and 32″“• Length 73″“• Height Range 25″-37″“• Recommended Lift Capacity: 625 lbs“• Lifetime Limited Warranty“• CE Mark“• UL Listed


Nuagea Salon Table with Cuvae Cabinetry

• Synchronized Electra-Glide Lift Actuators
• Fully articulating electric salon top with rounded corners
• Programmable hand and foot controls
• Strata 4″ Memory Foam Cushioning System
• Natursoft™ Upholstery
• Cross braced steel frame
• Cuvée Cabinetry
• PowerPort™ power management system
• Salon Style Neck Roll

• Promessa® upholstery
• Custom Wood Stains & Vinyls
• Caress with Strata FacePillow™ or Flex-Rest with Strata FacePillow™
• Armrest Shelf
• Square corners
• SO Sound® Acoustic Resonance Therapy
• International Voltages

• Width Options: 30″, 32″
• Length: 73″
• Height Range: 25″-37″
• Recommended Lift Capacity: 625 lbs
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• CE Mark

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Additional information

Select Color of Upholstery

NS Amethyst, NS Black, NS Burgandy, NS Desert Sand, NS Hunter, NS Latte, NS Marie Beige, NS Mountain Mist, NS Mistic Blue, NS Rose Quart, NS Sage, NS Saphire, NS Sterling, NS Teal, NS Vanilla Cream, NS Sapphire, NS Sterling, NS Teal, NS Vanilla Cream, NS White

Select Custom Wood Stain

Natural Maple Stain, Dark Brown Mahogany Stain, American Walnut Stain, Antique Oak Stain, Black Cherry Stain, Candle Light Stain, Country Pine Stain, Ebony Stain, English Oak Stain, Expresso Stain, Gloden Oak Stain, Pecan Stain, Rosewood Stain, Shaker Maple Stain, Walnut Stain, White Wash Stain, Almond Lacquer, Black Lacquer Stain, Dark Brown Mohogany Lacquer, White Lacquer Stain

Select Width Of Table

30, 32

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