Terme Color Hair Coloring Cream


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(Natural shades) Black 1, (Natural Shades) Brown 2, (Natural Shades) Dark Chesnut 3, (Natural Shades) Chestnut 4, (Natural Shades )Light Chestnut 5, (Natural Shades) Dark Blond 6, ( Natural Shades) Blond 7, (Natural Shades) Light Blond 8, (Natural Shades) Platinum Blond 9, (Natural Shades) Super Platinum Blond 10, (Ash Naturals Shades) Blue Black 1.10, (Ash Naturals Shades) Chesnut 4.01, (Ash Natural Shades) Light Chestnut 5.01, (Ash Naturals shedes )Dark Blond 6.01, (Ash Naturals Shades )Blond 7.01, (Ash Naturals Shades) Light Blond 8.01, (Ash Naturals Shades) Very light Blond 9.01, (Warm Natural Shades) Light Nat. Chestnut 5.03, (Warm Natural Shades )Natural Blond 7.03, (Warm Natural Shades) Very Light Blond 9.03, (Warm Natural shades) platinum blond 10.03, (Glonden Shades) Golden Brown 4.3, (Gloden Shades )Gloden Brown 4.3, (Golden Shades)Light Golden Chestnut 5.3, (Golden Shades) Dark Golden Blond 6.3, (Golden Shades) Golden Blond 7.3, (Golden Shades) Light Golden Blond 8.3, (Golden Shades)Intense Golden Blond 7.33, (Golden Shades)Warm Light Golden Blond 8.33, (Golden Shades) Warm Very Light Golden blond 9.33, (Beige Shades)Beige Blond 7.32, (Beige Shade)Platinum Beige Blond 9.32, (Auburn Shades)Auburn Chestnut 4.4, (Auburn Shades) Dark Auburn Blond 6.4, (Auburn Shades)Intense Auburn Blond 7.44, (Auburn Shades)Gold Auburn Blond 7.43, (Auburn Shades)Gold Auburn Light Blond 8.43, (Auburn Shades)Gold Auburn Very Light Blond 9.43, (Auburn Shades)Light Auburn Blond 8.4, (Red Shades) Brillant Red Chesnut 4.62, (Red Shades) Brillant Red Blond 7.62, (Red Shades)Venetian Red Light Chestnut 5.56, (Red Shades)Titien Red Blond 7.46, (Red Shades)Red Light Chestnut 5.6, (Red Shades)Red Blond 7.66, (Red Shades)Brillant Brown 2.2, (Red Shades)Int. Brillant Light Chestnut 5.22, (Red Shades)Brillant Dark Blond 6.2, (Mahogany Shades)Dark Mahogany Blond 6.5, (Mahogany Shades)Intense Light Mahogany Chestnut 5.55, (Mahogany Shades)Golden Mahogany Dark Blond 6.53, (Mahogany Shades)golden Mahogany Blond 7.53, (Mahogany Shades)Light Brillant Mahogany Blond 8.52, (Fashion Shades)Fashion Chestnut 4.23, (Fashion Shades)Fashion Light Chesnut 5.23, (Fashion Shades)Fashion Dark Blond 6.23, (Fashion Shades) Fashion Blond 7.23, (Superlightners)Super Platinum Nat. Blond 11.0, (Superlighteners)Super Platinum Nat, Blond 11.0, (Superlighteners)Super Platinum Golden Blond 11.3, (Super Platinum Beige Blond 11.13, (Corrective Agents) Yellow, (Corrective Agents)Red, (Corrective Agents)Violet, (Corrective Agents)Blue, (Corrective Agents)Green, (Fantastic Reds Series)Fantastic Purple 4.22, (Fantastic Reds Series)Fantastic Red 8.44, (Fantastic reds series)Fantastic Flaming 5.66, (Fantastic Reds Series)Fantastic Fire 7.64, (Fantastic Reds Series)Fantastic Wine 8.62

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