• Rolda Black Ultra-Hold Styling Gel

    Honey, Black will always be the new Black. Our Black® Ultra-Hold Styling Gel contains Rolda’s innovative Black Radiance formula which subtly fills in a few lighter hairs here and there…

  • Rolda Shaving Gel Hydrating

    Aloe Vera’s natural properties help skin feel smooth and hydrated. Its formula contains Provitamin B5 with hydrating agents that prevent discomfort and skin irritation.


    Clear Gel.
    Perfect for shaping…

  • Rolda Shaving Gel Refreshing

    Its formula with Provitamin B5 incorporates moisturizing agents that helps skin feel smooth, fresh, and free of irritation even after the shaving.


    Clear Gel.
    Perfect for shaping sideburns, goatees…

  • Rolda White Anti-Dandruff Molding Cream With Pyrithione Zinc

    Dandruff is no concern with Rolda’s innovative White® Anti-Dandruff Molding Cream. Our formula has Pyrithione Zinc (the stuff in your Anti-Dan shampoo) to make sure you can truly look fresh and…

  • Depileve Dermal Base

    skin rinse-provides additional protection by helping control the spread of nosocomial infection when conditions prevent routine handwashing.apply liberally onto hands and rub until dry.wash hands after 10 applications.

  • Depileve Pre-Base

    with witch hazel extracts & camphor.always use before applying wax to clean make-up,deodorant or natural body oils from skin.apply on cotton ball and dry off thoroughly,then apply wax.


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