• Foot Spa Aloe Scrub Gel

    Foot Spa Aloe Scrub Gel Eliminates the build up of callus on the heel and soles. The pumice scrub combined with glycol acid ex-foliates the foot with no irritation or…

  • Foot Spa Ice Cooling Gel

    Foot Spa Ice Cooling Gel menthol cool scent formulated with menthol, peppermint & eucalyptus oil to cool refresh and rejuvenate tired feet and legs. Using a glove, apply a small…

  • Foot Spa Sloughing Cream

    Refreshing Cream designed to gently exfoliate and smooth away rough, dry surfaces of the skin, hands, feet, elbows, heels and soles of feet.

    PLEASE NOTE-Gallon Sizes are limited 2 gallons maximum…

  • OPI Absolute Precision Liquid Monomer

    Self-adjusting absorption rate; less ration sensitive. Wetter working consistency for a smooth, fluid application. Immediate self-leveling with “no-chase” performance. Self-contouring: Product holds shape, won’t run or flatten out. No crystallization….

  • Pure Sodium PCA Extract

    A naturally ocurring component of human skin that is beleived to be partly responsible for its moisture biding capacity. It is highly water absorbing and a superior humectant. Used in…

  • Pure Spiruluna Extract .5oz

    A blue green algae found in various water around the world. It is an exellent source of protein and phytonutrients. Its cosmetic uses for skin care result where high protein…

  • Pure Ginkgo Extract .5oz

    The leaves of this ancient tree have been recognized for their extraordinary antioxidant benefits. It is the oldest living tree, successfully withstanding the ravages of time and numerous environmental changes….

  • Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract .5oz

    Is used for a wide variety of skin aliments including ulcerations and fissures of the lips and hands. Used to treat skin disorders such as inflamed wounds and sores. Has…

  • Pure Witch Hazel Extract .5oz

    Is used as an Astringent, and antiseptic circulatory stimulant. Use 1-3 drops in 1/2 oz basic gel, massage cream or botanical oils. May be blended into masks

  • Foot Spa Rock Salt

    Rock Salt foot bath treatment with menthol and camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. A blue colored salt softening, hydrating foot bath treatment containing camphor and menthol crystals. Pour a small…

  • Spa Redi Mandarin Scrub Gel

    Mandarin Scrub Gel scented smooth calluses and contains ground pumice to remove dead skin cells and to help keep the hard skin areas and flakiness from building up. Pat off…

  • Spa Redi Mint & Eucalyptus Scrub Gel

    Mint & Eucalyptus Scrub Gel scented smooth calluses and contains ground pumice to remove dead skin cells and to help keep the hard skin areas and flakiness from building up….

  • Foot & Leg Lotion

    Foot & Leg Lotion 16oz or gallon-tropical scented foot and body lotion contains vitamin a d & e that leaves feet and skin feeling like satin.the combination of natural plant…

  • Johnny B Fuddy Matte Styling Gel

    Get that modern unique matte finish everyone’s always wanted. This water-resistant formula – a perfect blend of our most popular products – adds thickness, dimension, control and dries quickly. It…

  • Star Nail Ultra Clear Acrylic Powder

    Star Nail Ultra Clear Acrylic Powder

    Patented Optical Enhancers and state-of-the-art technology make Ultra Clear Acrylic Powder more effective and allow for a clearer, more transparent finished nail. Triple sifting process…

  • Cuccio Pro Ultra Clear Monomer

    Ultra Clear Advanced Acrylic System Game-changing, technologically advanced acrylic system. New from Cuccio Pro, the system has the following advantages:

    SPEED – Fast set for experienced nail technicians

    CLARITY – Perfect, ultra-clear,…

  • Tammy Taylor A + Acrylic Liquid

    Tammy Taylor A + Acrylic Liquid

    Designed to keep your “white’s whiter” and your” pinks brighter”. Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Powders, including Prizma. 90% less…

  • CND Radical Solarnail Liquid

    CND Radical Solarnail Liquid by CND for Unisex – 16 oz Nail Care. Radical solarnail is a reinforced, cross linking sculpting liquid for clients who are tough on their enhancements.Radical…


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