• OPI Absolute Precision Liquid Monomer

    Self-adjusting absorption rate; less ration sensitive. Wetter working consistency for a smooth, fluid application. Immediate self-leveling with “no-chase” performance. Self-contouring: Product holds shape, won’t run or flatten out. No crystallization….

  • ProLinc Dry Heel Eliminator

    BE NATURAL Dry Heel Eliminator penetrates deeply to deliver advanced moisturizing and healing agents to the lower layers of the skin for long-term results. Aloe vera, bladderwrack and green tea…

  • Prolinc Callus Eliminator

    Breaks down unsightly calluses In just 3 to 5 minutes. Then you simply file or buff them away.

  • Johnny B Trick Styling Glue

    With this glue-like gel, you can twist, spike, and slick. Your style is sure to last until your next shampoo. On top of that, to day-and-night formula is water resistant….

  • Johnny B Fuddy Matte Styling Gel

    Get that modern unique matte finish everyone’s always wanted. This water-resistant formula – a perfect blend of our most popular products – adds thickness, dimension, control and dries quickly. It…

  • OPI Bondex

    OPI Bondex

    OPI Bondex Acrylic Bonding Agent Provides superior bonding without the use of Methacrylic Acid. One coat produces a strong bond between nail keratin and acrylic without burning, etching, or…

  • Tammy Taylor A + Acrylic Liquid

    Tammy Taylor A + Acrylic Liquid

    Designed to keep your “white’s whiter” and your” pinks brighter”. Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Powders, including Prizma. 90% less…

  • CND Radical Solarnail Liquid

    CND Radical Solarnail Liquid by CND for Unisex – 16 oz Nail Care. Radical solarnail is a reinforced, cross linking sculpting liquid for clients who are tough on their enhancements.Radical…

  • Orly Bonder Basecoat

    Available in .6oz, 4oz  refill-bonder basecoat contains an exclusive rubber-base formula that binds polish to nails adding life to manicures.


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