Soothing Touch Fragrance Free Lite Massage Oil

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Soothing Touch Fragrance Free Lite Massage Oil

$49.25 – $209.75
Our Lite blends contain more Sunflower Oil and the addition of Rice Bran Oil for quicker absorption for a deeper massage. This oil is fragrance free and allows you to custom scent when desired.“Indulge your clients in a relaxing massage using Soothing Touch Ayurvedic Massage Oils. These water dispersible oils lubricate, moisturize and repair the skin, providing antioxidants and nutrients. Enhancing skin contact during bodywork, these healing oils also allow the therapist to release more tension and unblock vital energies with a deep, smooth glide. All of these oils are: Water Dispersible“Leave No Undesired Odors.


Gallon Item#UNIST238

5Gallons Item#UNIST280

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