Clairol Professional Hair Color Creme


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12N High-Lift Neutral Blonde, 12N High-Lift Cool Blonde, 12GN High-Lift Gold-Neutral Blonde, 12G High-Lift Golden Blonde, 10N Lightest Neutral Blonde, 10A Lightest Cool Blonde, 10G Lightest Golden Blonde, 9AA Very Light Ultra-Cool Blonde, 8NN Light Rich Neutral Blonde, 8N Light Neutral Blonde, 8A Light Cool Blonde, 8GN Light Gold-Neutral Blonde, 8G Light Golden Blonde, 8RN Light Red-Neutral Blonde, 7NN Medium Rich Neutral Blonde, 7N Medium Neutral Blonde, 7A Medium Cool Blonde, 7G Medium Golden Blonde, 7RN Medium Red Neutral Blonde, 6NN Dark Rish Neutral Blonde, 6N Dark Neutral Blonde, 6AA Dark Ultra-Cool Blonde, 6GN Dark Gold Neutral Blonde, 6G Dark Golden Blonde, 6RN Dark Red-Neutral Blonde, 6RR Dark Reddest Blonde, 5NN Lightest Rich Neutral Brown, 5N Lightest Neutral Brown, 5AA Lightest Ultra-Cool Brown, 5GN Lightest Gold Neutral Brown, 5R Lightest Red Brown, 4NN Light Rich Neutral Brown, 4N Light Neutral Brown, 4A Light Cool Brown, 4GN Light Gold Neutral Brown, 4G Light Golden Brown, 4RN Light Red-Neutral Brown, 4RR Light Reddest Brown, 3NN Medium Rich Neutral Brown, 3N Medium Neutral Brown, 3GN Medium Gold Neutral Brown, 3G Medium Golden Brown, 3RN Medium Red-Neutral Brown, 3RR Medium Reddest Brown, 2N Dark Neutral Brown, 1N Black

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