Depileve Wax

  • Depileve Deluxe Wax Warmer

    This thermostat controlled warmer features adjustable heat settings, separate on/off switch, circular heating for faster wax meltdown, and a break resistant plastic lid.

    14 oz. size.
    Purpose and Benefits
    Thermostat controlled warmer.

  • Depileve Dermal Base

    skin rinse-provides additional protection by helping control the spread of nosocomial infection when conditions prevent routine handwashing.apply liberally onto hands and rub until dry.wash hands after 10 applications.

  • Depileve Milk Cleanser

    with calendula,oat extracts & S.P.F.8 .intensively moisturizes and protects the skin after waxing while softly eliminating any wax residue after hair removal.

  • Depileve Pre-Base

    with witch hazel extracts & camphor.always use before applying wax to clean make-up,deodorant or natural body oils from skin.apply on cotton ball and dry off thoroughly,then apply wax.

  • Depelive Oil Lavender Rosin Wax

    a new delicate formula with lavander essential oil that gently removes hair leaving the skin smooth and soft.comes in a 14oz can.

  • Depileve Soothing Cream

    AVAILABLE IN A 7.04oz.with camomile & aloe vera extracts.medium tint moisturizer with camomile and aloe vera relieves redness caused by waxing.apply in a thick layer and after 3 minutes…

  • Depileve Pearl Rosin Wax

    available in a 14oz can.thin consistency.formulated for sensitive skin and is tough on hair but gentle on skin.

  • Depileve All Purpose Natural Pine Rosin Wax

    available in 14oz can the original pine rosin.thin consistency.ideal for large areas.

  • Depileve Azulene Creme Rosin Wax

    available in a 14oz can.formulated for sensitive skin and ares.great for use on face under arm and bikini line.

  • Depileve European Gold Hard Wax

    available in 14oz can.formulated for extra sensitive skin and areas.should be applied thick and allowed to dry before muslin or epilating strips required.


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