• 13 Function Skin Care Machine

    13 in 1 Skin Care Machine

    Functions includes:

    Facial brush,
    Magnifying lamp,
    Lamp to check skin,
    Sterilization cabinet,
    Hairdressing tool basin,
    Hot and cold massage hammer,
    Diamond brush

    Please note that because of different monitors, phones, lighting, and…

  • 2 U.N. Earth Summits DVD (1972 & 1992)

    V6011 • UPC 096507-6011-92

    2 UN EARTH SUMMITS: 1972 & 1992
    Earth Summits –
    View in depth coverage of rare, behind the scenes footage of what really happened in Stockholm and Rio…

  • 24K Gold Collagen Breast Mask (1 Pair) – (6 piece pk-Individual Foiled Mask)


    Luxurious treatment for enhancing the size, tightening and lifting of the breasts
    24K Gold facilitates the penetration of natural breast enhancing extracts, Growth-modulating peptide, Human Epidermal Growth Factor, and Marine…

  • 24K Gold Collagen Hand Mask (1 pair)-(6 piece pk-Individual Foiled Mask)


    Reduces melanin and improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity
    The 24K Gold luxury treatment quickly permeates deep into the skin, instantly smoothes fine lines, repairs damaged cells, stops aging, and…

  • 24K Gold Lip Collagen Mask (3 pairs)-(6 piece pk-Individual Foiled Mask)


    Re-plumps, reduce wrinkles, and redefines the lip area
    This mask is an immediate, radiance enhancing, intense smooth out express treatment for lip contour. Dryness and fine lines diminish and the…

  • 4 Earth DVD

    4 Earth DVD – Dean & Dudley Evenson

    SP-6012DVD • UPC 096507601291

    Music by Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble:
    Dean Evenson – Flutes, Keyboards, Natural Sounds, Videography
    Dudley Evenson – Direction, Photography, Art
    About 4…

  • 8 Function Skin Care Machine

    8 Function Facial Machine

    Functions Includes:
    Facial brush,
    Magnifying lamp,
    Lamp to check skin,

    Please note that because of different monitors, phones, lighting, and settings; product colors may look slightly different than what it…

  • 9 Watt UV Gel Nail Drying Machine Replacement Bulbs (4 Pack)

    High quality 4 X 9W Watt Bulb for Nail Art UV Lamp Light Replacement

    High Quality
    Specifications:UVA Wavelength: 365 nm
    Voltage: AC 110V to 230V, DV12V & DC24V Power: 9W.

  • A Gift For Mother

    A Gift For Mother – Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas

    SP-7194 • UPC 096507719422

    Featuring: Dean Evenson – Flute Tom Barabas – Keyboards
    About A Gift For Mother
    Creative instrumental music interpretations of traditional and contemporary Christian…

  • A Sound Sleep

    A Sound Sleep – Dudley Evenson Dean Evenson

    SP-7216CD • UPC 096507721623

    Featuring: Dudley Evenson – Guided Meditations, Harp, Handharp Dean Evenson – Alto Flute, Silver Flute, Keyboards, Nature Sounds

    COVR Visionary Award-Winner – Best Specialty Music…

  • A Year of Guided Meditations DVD

    A Year of Guided Meditations DVD: 52 Weekly Affirmations with Nature Music and Video Dudley Evenson & Dean Evenson
    SP-6010 DVD • UPC 096507-6010-93

    FEATURING: Dudley Evenson – Voice, Harp, Tamboura, Dean Evenson…

  • Acrylic Counter Sneeze Guard – 2 Sets

    24″W X 36″H



    13.00 LBS

    Each screen comes with (2) triangular base to support the protection screen firmly in place.
    Non-skid silicone tabs supplied for the triangular base for…


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