• Anesi Amino Firm (For Inch Loss)

    available in 7.04oz or 17.6oz.multiphase reaffirming cream to increase skin elasticity.also used as an anti-stretch mark cream.

  • Anesi Lipo Amino Cel (For Cellulite)

    available in 7.04oz or 17.6oz.multiphase thermo-active cream produces a vassal dilation with a tingling effect.

  • Anesi Parafango Warmer

    High impact, high insulating Polyutethane housing takes up less space – Unbeatable performance!

    No Hot Spot – Eliminates the need for protective grating

    Quick Melt Circuitry

    Thermal Tank provides highest transference of heat…

  • Anesi Parafango 6lbs

    A unique mixture of Paraffin and dehydrated Fango Mud from the sea, designed to detoxify and reduce cellulitic deposits while speeding inch loss and softening the skin.

    Original price was: $45.95.Current price is: $41.35.
  • Body Mask Brush

    natural bristles,4²span.

  • Anesi Cremefoliant 8.8oz

    Exfoliating cream-gel with minute apricot seeds for an effective body peel.apply and wait for 1 minute before rubbing the skin.

  • Anesi Parafango Kit

    Includes: Parafango warmer, cremfoliant, lipo amino cel, amino firm, amino cel ampules, aminodren ampules, plastic film roll, body brush, plastic wrap sheet, tape measure, plastic sheet cutter & technicians manual…


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