• 2 U.N. Earth Summits DVD (1972 & 1992)

    V6011 • UPC 096507-6011-92

    2 UN EARTH SUMMITS: 1972 & 1992
    Earth Summits –
    View in depth coverage of rare, behind the scenes footage of what really happened in Stockholm and Rio…

  • 4 Earth DVD

    4 Earth DVD – Dean & Dudley Evenson

    SP-6012DVD • UPC 096507601291

    Music by Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble:
    Dean Evenson – Flutes, Keyboards, Natural Sounds, Videography
    Dudley Evenson – Direction, Photography, Art
    About 4…

  • A Gift For Mother

    A Gift For Mother – Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas

    SP-7194 • UPC 096507719422

    Featuring: Dean Evenson – Flute Tom Barabas – Keyboards
    About A Gift For Mother
    Creative instrumental music interpretations of traditional and contemporary Christian…

  • A Sound Sleep

    A Sound Sleep – Dudley Evenson Dean Evenson

    SP-7216CD • UPC 096507721623

    Featuring: Dudley Evenson – Guided Meditations, Harp, Handharp Dean Evenson – Alto Flute, Silver Flute, Keyboards, Nature Sounds

    COVR Visionary Award-Winner – Best Specialty Music…

  • A Year of Guided Meditations DVD

    A Year of Guided Meditations DVD: 52 Weekly Affirmations with Nature Music and Video Dudley Evenson & Dean Evenson
    SP-6010 DVD • UPC 096507-6010-93

    FEATURING: Dudley Evenson – Voice, Harp, Tamboura, Dean Evenson…

  • Alchemy

    Alchemy – Scott Huckabay

    SP-7175CD • UPC 096507717527 SP-7175CA

    Featuring: Scott Huckabay

    About Alchemy:
    Guitar master Scott Huckabay displays the innovative instrumental mastery he is known…

  • Amber Sky

    Amber Sky – Dean Evenson, Phil Heaven & Jeff Willson

    SP-7226  • UPC 096507-7226-20

    Dean Evenson – Flute, Keyboards
    Phil Heaven – Viola, Keyboards
    Jeff Willson – Piano, Bass
    Another musical treat from award-winning, sound…

  • Arctic Refuge

    Arctic Refuge – Dean Evenson & Native American Artists

    SP-7159CD • UPC 096507715929

    Featuring: R. Carlos Nakai, David Monongye, Cha-das-ska-dum, Which-ta-lum, Cornel Pewewardy, Tsa’ne Dos’e, Jerry Alfred, Sarah James, Dean Evenson, William Eaton, Dik…

  • Ascension to Tibet

    Ascension to Tibet – Dean Evenson

    SP7157-CD • UPC 096507715721

    Featuring: Singh Kaur (AKA Lorellei) Dean Evenson Dudley Evenson Daniel Paul
    About Ascension to Tibet:
    Originally called Ascension when it was released back in 1995, Ascension to…

  • Back To The Garden

    Back To The Garden – Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas

    SP-7169CD • UPC 096507716926

    Featuring: Dean Evenson – Silver Flute Tom Barabas – Piano, Keyboards Richard Hardy – Saxophone, Clarinet, Alto Flute
    About Back to the Garden
    Back to…

  • Between Two Worlds

    Between Two Worlds – Daniel Paul

    SP-7200CD • UPC 096507720022

    Featuring: Daniel Paul – Tablas

    Fulbright award-winning musician, Daniel Paul takes the rare art of melody drumming on an east west journey Between Two…

  • Chakra Healing

    Chakra Healing – Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble

    SP7211CD • UPC 096507721128

    FEATURING: Dean Evenson – Flutes & Keyboards Scott Huckabay – Guitar Jonathan Kramer – Cello Phil Heaven – Viola Dudley Evenson – Harp Jason Darling…


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