Essie Gel – wheres my chauffeur



Essie Gel – wheres my chauffeur

Essie professional gel polish. Where’s My Chauffeur
Essie Gel system assets:
1. Exclusive Keratin-Care Technology, made of essential ingredients that care for nails (Prep, base coat, remover).
2. Powerfull antioxidant that can protect from free radicals.
3. Active moisturizing that promotes water retention.
4. Efficient revitalizer that fortified nails.
5. Thin texture for an homogeneous, natural and precise application.

How to apply Essie professional gel polish:
Essie professional gel polish system contain base coat, color and top coat. With a UV lamp, polish stays perfect for 2 weeks.

1. Prepare nails with Essie Prep + Finish cleanser.
2. Protect nails with Essie Gel base coat (cure under UV or LED lamp).
3. Apply your favorite Essie Gel color among more of 76 unique shades (cure under UV or LED lamp).
4. Seal color with your favorite Essie Gel top coat to get either a shiny finish or a matte finish (cure under UV or LED l…

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