Rediscover Yourself with CND Shellac Colors

Rediscover Yourself with CND Shellac Colors

There is no denying that CND Shellac colors have taken salons by storm and this is evident from the fact that clients are now turning their backs on those traditional wet nail polishes. Instead, they are opting for a similar category of much more professionally applied UV polish. If you remain interested in opting for Shellac colors, you need to maintain your nails perfectly. Also, it is equally important for you to be conscious as of how to use your nails so as to be able to reap rewarding benefits both on a short and long-term basis. In fact, with Shellac, it is recommended that you make use of CND’s Solar Oil. Are you a bit skeptical as what could be the reason behind suggesting so? Well, doing so shall ensure that your nails are kept in a perfectly moisturized condition. The last thing you would want is to dip your hands in the water on any other cleaning products available in the market. Furthermore, you ought to be equally careful to ensure that you do not exert undue pressure on your nails by using them as tools. Remember that if in case your nails break, then there remains a fair degree of possibility that you may get a crack in the polish. So, you are supposed to maintain a careful check on the same.

Quick removal of CND Shellac colors is one of the prime reasons behind the soaring popularity of this beauty product among the fraternity of all customers. In fact, it is a lot motivating to realize that this brand of Shellac color can be removed gently and the same can be achieved without having to necessarily fill or scrap your nails. This ensures that the overall health of your nails is not compromised in any way. The superior service with a similar CND SHELLAC Brand 14+ Day Nail Color system can be estimated from the fact that it features a color coat, base coat, and the Top coat. An exclusive CND LED lamp proves to come as an icing on the cake with this beauty product that is surely taking the fashion industry by storm. There are as many as 100 different designer shades and some of these are – Beau, Winter Glow, Be Demure, Naked Naivete, Ice Bar, Nude Knickers, Bare Chemise and Pink Pursuit.

This is one exclusive product available with which you and your clients can benefit from faster-than-ever service time and high-performance wear. This happens when you pair CND Shellac colors with the brand new Xpress5 Top Coat and CND LED Lamp. The application of this color demands only half of the time and the removal of the same is no more than five minutes. The uniqueness and specialty of this lamp is that it makes use of optic mirrors so as to be able to target UV exposure to the precise nail area. The lightweight nature coupled with its ergonomic design shall certainly provide an apt guide for proper and balanced foot and hand placement. All it takes on your part is to follow certain simple steps so as to ensure apt and even application of the product on your nails.

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