• Weighted Cutting Collar

    Weighted Cutting Collar

    The perfect tool to learn how to cut precise angles and lines. Features easy-to-follow guidelines for practicing different cutting angles and weighted pads that drape over each shoulder…

  • Environ Hair Conditioning Steamer Black

    Environ Hair Conditioning Steamer Black
    AYC ZHI-HRS-828

    16.00 LBS

    Product Description


    60 minutes auto-shut off timer
    Adjustable temperature
    Large swivel plastic hood
    Rolling base with adjustable height
    Temperature range: 158 -…

  • Dy-Zoff Lotion 12oz

    Dy-Zoff Lotion 12oz

    Saturate cotton or towel and apply lightly over stained skin areas. Wipe off with clean, wet towel or cotton. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

    Ingredients: Water, Sodium Sulfite, Isopropanol,…


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