• Johnny B Beard Oil 1oz

    Johnny B Beard Oil

    This lightweight oil adds shine and conditioning to beards and is easily absorbed so it can be applied multiple times per day. Use the dropper to apply directly onto skin…

  • Johnny B Clash Hair Fixitive 3oz

    Johnny B Clash Hair Fixitive

    This pomade does everything clay, wax and paste do when cocktailed together. This “clash” of texture imparts maximum hold and classic shine. The thick, water-soluble formula…

  • Johnny B Dope Texture Gel

    Johnny B Dope Texture Gel

    This top-selling product is perfect for gel lovers because it holds like a gel but is pliable like a pomade. Considered a beginner’s pomade, it’s designed…

  • Johnny B King Mode 12oz

    This styling gel is fit for a royal, lasts all day and never flakes. It was created to perform just like our original formula of MODE Styling Gel but with…

  • Johnny B Shampoo Paste 4oz

    Made with three essential oils, this thick formula only contains 41 percent water. Use it for shaving, dandruff control and deep cleansing. Known for its antibacterial property, this shampoo can be…

  • Johnny B Shave Cream

    Johnny B Shave Cream

    This shave cream is geared to prevent harsh redness or discomfort on the face. It eliminates all the friction and allows for even shaving without blemishes or…

  • Johnny B Street Cream 3oz

    Our No. 1 selling pomade is a perfect introduction to the category. The pliable, fibrous, creamy texture helps add thickness and volume with strong hold and a matte finish. It’s a…

  • Johnny B Trick Styling Glue

    With this glue-like gel, you can twist, spike, and slick. Your style is sure to last until your next shampoo. On top of that, to day-and-night formula is water resistant….

  • Johnny B Fuddy Matte Styling Gel

    Get that modern unique matte finish everyone’s always wanted. This water-resistant formula – a perfect blend of our most popular products – adds thickness, dimension, control and dries quickly. It…

  • Johnny B Control Styling Gel

    Get yourself a long-lasting, super-hold gel that doesn’t flake. This versatile, hydrating gel gives volume to all hair types – especially fine hair. It’s easy to wash out and is…

  • Johnny B Smooth Styling Cream

    No one likes hair buildup from products. This creamy formula – a combination of half gel and half mousse – gives a flexible hold without an overwhelming look. It’s great…

  • Johnny B Molding Paste 3oz

    Johnny B Molding Paste has a heavy duty hold for serious users. Its low shine gives a clean classy look. Use the amount you are in the mood for. A…

  • Johnny B Xtra Hold Pomade

    This pomade contains beeswax to give you a relaxed but strong hold for all types of hair. It controls cowlicks in humid environments. An oil-based pomade is ideal for flat tops,…

  • Johnny B The Original Pomade 4.5oz

    Check out Johnny B.’s first ever product. Its snow-white petrolatum creates ultimate shine with a light hold. This oil-based pomade is ideal for buzz cuts, and its violet color neutralizes…


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