OPI Swiss Guard Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 8oz

OPI Swiss Hand Guard Is an Antibacterial, Antiseptic Handwash Gel.

Bring home safety in a bottle and bestow upon your family some sheer good health. With the OPI Swiss Guard Antiseptic Hand Wash Gel around, you will never have to worry about the happiness of your loved ones. In an attractively designed and easy-to-use dispenser bottle, this antiseptic gel by OPI, cares deeply for your hands as it protects them. Say hello to healthier living starting today.

Allow the deep cleansing effect of its gentle yet effective formulation to fight off the germs and bacteria you have come in contact with over an average day out and leave your hands squeaky clean once more. What’s more, unlike other hand sanitizers that rob your skin of moisture, this gel based hand wash pampers your hands by giving them a much needed rehydrating experience with every wash. Allow the cuticle desensitiser to work its magic on yours and kiss ugly, peeling cuticle skin goodbye. Save those endless trips to the manicurist’s, do it yourself instead – at home.

Directions for Use

  • Run your hands under water.
  • Squeeze out the adequate amount of OPI Swiss Guard Antiseptic Hand Wash Gel onto your palm.
  • Cleanse your hands in its rich foam.
  • Rinse your hands clean.

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