14oz Can

  • Amber Pure Brazilian Hard Wax

    Perfect for Brazilian waxing, this gentle, fragrance-free formula leaves little to no irritation when removing resistant, coarse hair. Natural Shea Butter conditions and leaves skin soft and hydrated. The…

  • Amber Rose Depilatory Wax

    The ultimate all-purpose wax! Unique formulation is ideal for any area of the body to effectively remove fine, medium and coarse hair. With the addition of Rose essential oil…

  • Amber Egyptian Geranium Hard Wax

    This unique formulation brings you the next generation of soft, flexible and effective hard waxes. Combined with Egyptian Geranium, Spanish Sage and Lime Oil to soften and heal the…

  • Amber French White Wax

    A lower temperature, gentle, hard wax for removing hair from more sensitive skin areas without epilating strips.

    PLEASE NOTE- All Amber 2lb blocks are limited to 6 maximum  per order….

  • Amber Austrian Green Wax

    A lower temperature hard wax for removing more resistant hair without using epilating strips.

    PLEASE NOTE- All Amber 2lb blocks are limited to 6 maximum  per order. Whether its the…

  • Amber Cream Wax

    a creamy,soft,natural resin depilatory wax for more resistant hair.tough on hair,but gentle on skin.

  • Amber Turquoise Chamomile Wax

    formulated with an extra light texture for flawless waxing without irritation.has all the convenience of a soft resin based wax with all the benefits of a hard wax.contains royal…

  • Amber Classic Wax

    a pure soft natural resin depilatory wax uniquely formulated for ease of application.


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