• Prolinc Callus Eliminator

    Breaks down unsightly calluses In just 3 to 5 minutes. Then you simply file or buff them away.

  • Johnny B Molding Paste 3oz

    Johnny B Molding Paste has a heavy duty hold for serious users. Its low shine gives a clean classy look. Use the amount you are in the mood for. A…

  • OPI Bondex

    OPI Bondex

    OPI Bondex Acrylic Bonding Agent Provides superior bonding without the use of Methacrylic Acid. One coat produces a strong bond between nail keratin and acrylic without burning, etching, or…

  • OPI Bond-Aid

    OPI Bond Aid helps make adhesion of artificial nail products much easier. This advanced patented formula brings the natural nail surface to the proper pH to maximize bonding of the…


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