• Johnny B Trick Styling Glue 3.3oz

    With this glue-like gel, you can twist, spike, and slick. Your style is sure to last until your next shampoo. On top of that, to day-and-night formula is water resistant….

    Original price was: $6.86.Current price is: $6.17.
  • Johnny B Control Styling Gel

    Get yourself a long-lasting, super-hold gel that doesn’t flake. This versatile, hydrating gel gives volume to all hair types – especially fine hair. It’s easy to wash out and is…

  • Johnny B Smooth Styling Cream 3.3oz

    No one likes hair buildup from products. This creamy formula – a combination of half gel and half mousse – gives a flexible hold without an overwhelming look. It’s great…

    Original price was: $6.86.Current price is: $6.14.
  • Johnny B Mode Styling Gel

    You need a formula that lasts – all day long. This powerful, non-alcoholic gel gives you the proper control to tame and hold your desired look. Its high viscosity works…

  • CND Scrub Fresh

    A natural-nail surface cleanser. Cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the nail plate. Leaves behind pathogen fighters, helping to prevent nail infections. Improves enhancement adhesion and reduces lifting. Removes contaminants from the…

  • Star Nail Ultra Clear Acrylic Powder

    Star Nail Ultra Clear Acrylic Powder

    Patented Optical Enhancers and state-of-the-art technology make Ultra Clear Acrylic Powder more effective and allow for a clearer, more transparent finished nail. Triple sifting process…

  • Cuccio Pro Ultra Clear Monomer

    Ultra Clear Advanced Acrylic System Game-changing, technologically advanced acrylic system. New from Cuccio Pro, the system has the following advantages:

    SPEED – Fast set for experienced nail technicians

    CLARITY – Perfect, ultra-clear,…

  • Tammy Taylor A + Acrylic Liquid

    Tammy Taylor A + Acrylic Liquid

    Designed to keep your “white’s whiter” and your” pinks brighter”. Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Powders, including Prizma. 90% less…

  • CND Perfect Color Powders Cool Pink Opaque 3.7oz

    Original price was: $33.00.Current price is: $29.70.
  • CND Retention+ Liquid

    Strong, secure, superior bonding. RETENTION+® sculpting liquid is for lift-prone clients. Creates enhancements with adhesion.

    A keratin bonding, cross-linking sculpting liquid for lift-prone clients.

    Covalently bonds, creating enhancements…

  • CND Radical Solarnail Liquid

    Radical solarnail is a reinforced, cross linking sculpting liquid for clients who are tough on their enhancements. Radical SolarNail is a reinforced, cross linking sculpting liquid for clients who are…


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