• Sound Yoga

    Item #SP7192CD. Calm the body, Quiet the mind, Lift the spirit.““Internationally acclaimed sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson collaborates with outstanding members of the Soundings Ensemble to create music that supports…

  • Mountain Meadow Meditation

    Item #SP7193CD. Imagine yourself in a meadow on the side of a mountain. The scent of spring flowers fills the air and the music of flute and guitar floats on…

  • A Gift For Mother

    Item #SP7194CD. Creative instrumental interpretations of traditional and contemporary hymns highlighted by the sounds of nature. Let these beautiful arrangements of flute, piano and keyboards with a touch of harp,…

  • Raga Cycle

    Item #SP7195CD. Composer and Flautist Dean Evenson joins creative forces with Indian Sitar masters ‘Pandit’ Shivnath Mishra and Deobrat Mishra in this masterpiece of cultural blending.““The Mishras, a father and…

  • Sacred World Chants

    Item #SP7198CD. This stunning collection by today’s leading chant masters is a rich, crosscultural musical journey featuring mantras from the world’s major spiritual paths – Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Sikh,…

  • Imagine Peace

    Item #SP7199CD. At a time when the yearning for peace is growing planet-wide, we present this inspiring music – that we may all become ‘instruments of peace.’““An offering of love…

  • Between Two Worlds

    Item #SP7200CD. Fulbright award-winning musician, Daniel Paul takes the rare art of melody drumming on a journey Between Two Worlds, blending the estatic rhythms of the tabla tarong of India…

  • Eagle River

    Item #SP7202CD. Take an inspiring musical journey down a wild river in the Pacific Northwest. Hear the actual calling of eagles as they feast on spawning salmon who have swum…

  • Magic In December

    Item #SP7203CD. Enter a world of sound and enjoy the magic of the holy season year round with these stunning arrangements of favorite holiday carols and original compositions. Vibrant tones…

  • Golden Spa Tones

    Item #SP7204CD. Ethereal tones of Tibetan singing bowls gently soothe the soul like a massage for the spirit. These magical sounds create a sense of relaxation by dissolving patterns of…

  • Spa Rhythms

    Item #SP7205CD. Soundings of the Planet is pleased to announce the release of Spa Rhythms, combining the talents of flautist and sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson with the sumptuous rhythm…

  • Wood Over Water

    Item #SP7208CD. Warm, resonant tones of the wood flute merge with gentle sounds of water…“together weaving a relaxing tapestry of deep inner peace. Soothing flute melodies, soft drumbeats and rattles…

  • Healing the Holy Land

    Healing the Holy Land
    Item #SP7209CD. A exquisite synthesis of cultures bringing together Jewish, Christian and Muslim music of the Middle East. This deeply moving collection of sacred chants and songs…

  • Chakra Healing

    Item #SP7211CD. You are invited to enjoy a deeply meditative, musical experience created to resonate with your subtle energy centers known as Chakras. These seven major energy vortices are located…

  • Milady’s Massage Fundamentals Video Series

    Milady’s Massage Fundamentals Video Series
    milady’s fundamental video series is a valuable learning and teaching aid that covers the basics of beginnig massage training,enhancing classroom instruction,the tapes address basic techniques.comes in…

  • Star Nail 6 in One Technique Video

    Star Nail 6 in One Technique Video
    Covers UV cured acrylic, Acrylic Dipping, Gels, natural nail kapping, sculpting, fiberglass and brush on fiberglass techniques.

  • Air Source One Airbrush Video

    60 minute video showing you how to use an airbrush system and making designs.


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