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CND Brisa Lite Gel

CND Brisa Lite Gel

So excited to share this amazing new nail technology with you guys! I’ve been so impressed with it, but wanted to wait until I had it removed before I posted my review.

You guys probably know how much I love my Shellac nails! I’m obsessed not only with the pretty colors, but the amazing durability, long lasting shine and of course, that I can keep my nails virtually chip-free for more than two weeks!

When I was told that CND (the makers of Shellac) had a new Gel system for nails, I was keen to try it out. It’s called Brisa™ Lite and it is the result of the science behind two of CND’s products; Brisa™ (a permanent gel system) and the superior removability of Shellac.

CND Brisa Lite Gel 1

Let me first start by saying, I hate having gel on my nails. While it looks good (in the beginning), it leaves nails brittle and damaged. Every time I did it, I would regret it! The last time I ever used (and will probably ever use) traditional Gel on my nails, was on my wedding day, five years ago!

Brisa™ Lite, unlike traditional gel systems, actually cares for your nails. There is no buffing of the natural nail at all and it helps to strengthen your nails immediately. It comes off in 15 minutes, without having to soak your fingertips in acetone, and when it’s off, your nails look healthy and happy – no yellowing. Isn’t that awesome? I think so!

The technology of Brisa™ Lite is self leveling which means that you get a perfect amount of gel on your nails. Even if you had to turn your hand over, the gel would still level perfectly onto your nail bed and not drip off! Great if you have ridges you want to even out.

There are two systems that form part of the Brisa™ Lite Gel system;

  1. Smoothing System, and
  2. Sculpting System

The application is done in salon and the process is as follows:

  1. Nails are manicured with no buffing!
  2. Brisa™ Lite Removable Base Coat is applied and cured for 10 seconds
  3. One layer of Brisa™ Lite Removable Smoothing Gel (or two layers of Brisa™ Lite Removable Sculpting Gel) are applied and cured for 2 minutes
  4. Brisa™ Lite Removable Top Coat is applied and cured for 2 minutes
  5. Step 5 is optional! You can skip the Removable Top Coat and opt for 2 layers of CND Shellac Colour Coat or one layer of CND Shellac Top Coat and then cure each layer for 2 minutes.
  6. The tacky layer is then removed
  7. You’re good to go

On my nails, I tried out the Smoothing System, which is a gel system designed to give you stronger nails. It’s great if you have brittle or damaged nails and want to start growing your nails naturally. The CND Brisa™ Lite Smoothing System also compliments your Shellac and allows for even longer wear. Remember I had mine on for 18 days, and if it wasn’t for the colour re-growth, I could have kept it on even longer!

Here is a snap of my nails straight after Brisa™ Lite Smoothing Gel and Shellac, and then one that I took this afternoon, just before I had it removed.

CND Brisa Lite Gel 2

CND Brisa Lite Gel 3

With other gels, within the first week, I am itching to peel it off.  With this gel system there is absolutely no need to wear gloves or limit what you do to ensure your Brisa™ Lite gel stays on. It’s incredible.

The Sculpting System is slightly different in that it has been designed to “build” your nails…. so adding length or shape to them etc. It does for the hand what a good pair of killer heels would do for your legs! This system has about 3 weeks wear and takes about 30-45 minutes to remove.

After having the Smoothing System done on my nails, my nails have grown ridiculously long over those 18 days (as you can tell) – I really don’t need to make them longer. However, if you want to have instantly long nails without damaging your nails or end up with “fake” looking fingertips, then the Brisa™ Lite Sculpting System may be ideal for you!

For the nail polish addicts out there, the color Shellac in this picture is Dark Lava.

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